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Tuesday, 11 July 2017
Breaking Ground at Beit Simcha

We are Breaking Ground on Sunday 16th July!

The time has come to get out some shovels and break ground for our new building project! At last, we will claim the land for the Lord and celebrate our expansion of the Kingdom of God. Our ceremony will have two parts: first, the congregation will have a claiming the ground ceremony, starting at 11:30am this next Sunday. This will be a time of worship starting with a procession around the perimeter of the lot while planting stakes with Scriptures near the corners. Then key intercessors and our elders will claim the land for the Kingdom of God near the middle of our property where our Synagogue's Sanctuary will be. While this part of the ground-breaking will be mainly for our congregation, guests are welcome to observe. Second, we will have the public ground-breaking ceremony, starting at 12:30pm. Lots of friends, including our future partners from New Covenant Christian Community Church (NC4) will be joining us and you all are welcome, too. NC4 plans to locate their Macungie satellite in our facility, so the pastor of the satellite will share NC4's mission. I will share our vision and plans. We'll get out the shovels, worship & celebrate!

It's been a long time coming.

Why do we believe it's time? A year ago, we got the approvals from the Township and the County. This happened even though the Township Planning Director and others often wondered whether it was even possible, but with God, all things are possible! Then last summer we got prices from two different contractors that were way over our budget. So we prayed and waited on the Lord.

This spring, brother Nick, a member of our congregation who has many years of experience in construction and as a project manager in the nuclear power industry, offered to be our construction manager. Unlike many other contractors, Nick is more than willing to utilize our own workers to do as much of the project as possible. He also negotiated hard with subcontractors for the parts we need them to do. As a result, we now have a price that's nearly 00,000 lower - a price propesied over Rabbi Glenn at a Tikkun America Team meeting a year ago.

Remember, Nick is willing to use volunteers - if you'd like to pitch in, email to let us know what you can do.

Our approach to financing will also involve our community. There are several fund-raising streams. The Lord may be calling you to participate in one of these fund-raising streams. Through many sources including through many of you, the Lord has already provided for all our considerable expenses with engineers, architects, lawyers, government officials, providing for the couple who gave the land, etc. The Lord pays His bills, hallelujah!

Now we are working with a company called, so that supporters can invest in our project. Investors will get a return (up to 3.5% interest for five years) as well as the blessing of investing in the Kingdom of God. Semble will then negotiate a "gap loan" that will cover the difference between the amount we have raised through investors/supporters and the cost of the building project. Because Semble negotiates with the bank, Beit Simcha will get a lower interest rate than prevailing mortgage rates.

We'll schedule a couple of webinars or in person presentations starting next week. Email to let us know if you may be interested in one of these presentations.

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