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Monday, 1 May 2017
Tradition and freshness

Messianic Jewish worship should, therefore, incorporate the best biblical content of ancient prayer and biblically-based hymns from the ancient Psalms to new Messianic Jewish compositions, both liturgical and free form, that center on Yeshua. This material may be used with modern Jewish music. The material can be used in Hebrew or English. It is important that the material conveys meaningful content. We should recognize that forms are relative. We need to stop asserting our preferences for different forms as if they are objectively superior. However, the content of worship is not a relative matter, but the objective center of our worship.

Traditionalism, as contrasted with drawing upon rich traditions, feels constrained to maintain the same prayer forms with exactitude - week after week. Those under the power of traditionalism are offended if the ancient material is used in new ways. For most Jewish people today - especially in America - there must be freshness in worship. There should be a place for celebration, spontaneous worship, and praise, as well as using traditional content in new ways. We can vary which traditional content is included in services and how it is used as the Spirit leads.

Jewish Roots, Chapter Nine: Jewish and Biblical Worship

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