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Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Passover Invitation

It's God's Appointed Time! Join us for a Passover Seder!

Adonai our God commands His people to remember that He is the One who delivers. He delivers us from the physical hardships of life, the spiritual erosion of sin, and the eternity of the grave. He commands us to celebrate the powerful and gracious way that He has moved in the past and by faith to apply that celebration to our present and future life.

What better way to celebrate than to invite our Lehigh Valley friends to a Community Passover Seder! And what better night to dwell on the theme of God's Deliverance than Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 6pm, the Christian observance of Good Friday and part of the Jewish Passover week!

God has placed Beit Simcha at the intersection of two Biblical faiths, Judaism and Christianity. Our Passover Seder, like a bridge that connects the Old and New Testaments, is filled with ancient Jewish traditions and Messianic symbolism. As Rabbi Glenn Blank guides us through each phase of the meal, the teachings of Moses will merge into a deeper understanding of Yeshua/Jesus, the ultimate fulfillment of Passover traditions.

The night that Yeshua/Jesus shared a final meal with his disciples was the first night of Passover. It was a Seder meal, an intimate evening when the wine and the unleavened bread took on new Messianic significance for the disciples in the upper room and for all who would put their faith in Yeshua, the sacrifice lamb for humanity.

We will serve a catered Passover meal with the traditional foods that would be expected in a modern Jewish home. Because it is a celebration of God's goodness, we will praise the Lord with songs and Messianic dance (Dance instruction begins at 6:00). The story of deliverance will be told through teaching and drama. This will be an event for Christians and Jews, an evening to come together and rejoice in the saving power of the God of Abraham.

Do you want to come? Tickets which cover the cost of a complete catered meal can be purchased through the Beit Simcha website. Celebrate Yeshua's resurrection at our Firstfruits (Bikkurim) service on April 15th, 7:30pm at Trexlertown Grange.

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