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Thursday, 19 May 2016
The Tikkun Story

Have you yet read Dan Juster's "The Story of the Justers, Covenant Friends, and Tikkun International"? With the last revision in 2013, this document covers over 20 years of the Tikkun journey. It begins with an introduction ...

The purpose of this work is to enable people to truly understand our foundation, heart, vision, and heritage. The heritage provides a deep understanding of where we have been and a trajectory, to some degree, of what we hope and strive to become. In the midst of it all, growth and change will always take place. Our history and foundation cannot truly be understood through just vision statements and governing documents, but through something that is alive, tangible, and dynamic.

Dan relates his early life, his and Patty's getting involved in ministry and how Tikkun grew out of a committed group who wanted to commit to life ministry together ...

We need to be self-governing and to have our own apostolic flow. We should still be close friends with New Covenant Churches. I believe that I am called to plant a new congregation in Frederick with the two northern home groups that I lead. If I do this, we will have three congregations: Beth Messiah, Rosh Pina, and the new one in Frederick. We even have the beginning of our own five-fold leadership.

Not only does this recall Dan and Patty's journey in making aliyah to Israel, it lists many people who were and still are involved in Tikkun - a testimony to the fact that relationships can last a long time!

You can access the whole document here - and, as ever, don't forget to come back here and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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