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Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Our Passover Exodus

Passover was the time in Egypt where Moses had given Pharaoh his last warning that the firstborn in Egypt would die and only those who had the Passover's blood upon the doorposts and the lintel would survive and the angel of death would pass over them, hence the word passover.

The Passover, because of the great judgment on the firstborn in Egypt, would lead to the Exodus and the extraordinary event of going through the sea to the other side. Contrary to rabbinic calculation, this begins the year for Israel. The Passover Exodus was the most awesome intervention of God that the world had ever seen other then the resurrection. In terms of being witnessed by the masses the Exodus was a bigger public event although the resurrection of Yeshua was more profound and more important.

When we come to the gospels we find that Passover is the primary feast representing the death and resurrection of Yeshua. The death of Yeshua is interpreted as being the Passover lamb broken and bled by which we are freed from the Egypt of sin. But Yeshua also leads us in a Passover Exodus. He leads us through the grave to "the other side" in death and resurrection with Him.

Yeshua is the epitome of the meaning of Passover Exodus and brings an opportunity for every person to have a personal experience of co-death and resurrection with Him which is the experience of Passover Exodus.

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