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Monday, 4 January 2016

This is perhaps the third stage of a process that begins with the L-rd: vision being the first step, then birthing as the second. In Hebrew, this word is translated from the verb kof-vav-mem, which in its Qal voice means to rise, arise or rise up. The Hif'il or causitive voice - cause to arise is often translated "to establish".

This is what we need to see the L-rd doing in our midst: establishing the work of His hands. Often we enjoy vision and birthing, they are exciting and give us a buzz; more, they look good on our resume. But a work that is only birthed and then fails to endure is just a flash in the pan; it accomplishes very little.

We need G-d's anointing and gifting to persevere through the honeymoon period and the tougher times that inevitably follow, in order to see the work established, to see it come to fruition and produce a yield - thirty, sixty or a hundred-fold - in G-d's hand. We need to be prepared, if necessary, to give our life's work to see the Kingdom established in our hands and our times.

Yeshua said that "no-one who puts his hand to the plough and then looks back is fit the for Kingdom of G-d" (Luke 9:62), while Rabbi Tarfon dryly observed that "it is not incumbent upon us to finish the work, but neither are we free men to refrain from the work" (PIrke Avot 2.16).

Pray, then, that we may all see the dreams and visions that G-d gives us, not just birthed, but established and raised to maturity, giving glory to G-d the Father in the name of Yeshua!

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