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Monday, 23 November 2015
Jewish Evangelism - Part Two

Here's part two of two blogposts I wrote this summer that I wanted to share with you ...

My conviction about the biblical priority of Jewish evangelism in Scripture (below) can sound very self serving, I know. After all, I was raised in a Jewish family from infancy. I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. My two best friends growing up were Jewish, I attended Hebrew school (although against my will), but one thing folks may not know about me is that I was adopted (along with my two sibling sisters).

In other words, I'm kind of Jewish, but I'm kind of not. I carry in my heart the best of both worlds and because of that I believe I may have just a tad more objectivity when approaching this very sensitive subject of the biblical priority of Jewish evangelism.

And yes, my experience after many years in Jewish ministry is that much (not all) of the resistance to this concept, "to the Jew first" comes from Christian leaders. This does not make anyone a bad, it just means that we all have blind spots, me first.

My central message "to the Jew first" is simply because G-d loves the nations. It was always His purpose to bless and lift up the Gentile people and so He chose a particular nation to be the vehicle of His love to them. Honestly, it's really not even about the Jewish people, it's about the God of the Jewish people and His love for the world!

What do you think about it? I'd love to know, so do leave a comment!

Posted By Nathan Puro, 11:02am Comment Comments: 1

Monday, 23 November 2015
Comment -

Excellent explanation that I had not thought of - thank you!

Posted By Peggy Steffel 02:22pm