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Thursday, 29 October 2015
Special Speakers at Shomair Israel

John and Tikvah Ott will be ministering at Shomair this Shabbat

Me must thank Fellowship Church for bringing John and Tikvah Ott to us on this occasion.

John and Tikvah are members of our sister Jerusalem congregation, Ahavat Yeshua (The Love of Yeshua) that is pastored by Eddie and Jackie Santoro. They also oversee the prayer tower at King of Kings congregation on the top floor of the Klal Building (also in Jerusalem). Beyond (or along with) all that, John and Tikvah regularly hold outreach events (John through volleyball and Tikvah through music and dance).

With John and Tikvah will be their 21 month old twin girls, Noiya and Sha'ked. They are in Knoxville as part of our partnership with Fellowship Church where they will also be ministering later in the week. John is very talented musically and will be participating with our worship team during the service. We love these folks and look forward to spending Shabbat with them.

Fellowship Church Missions Week

Wednesday, November 4th at 7PM at Fellowship Church, 8000 Middlebrook Pike, the Ott's and Hadad's will be ministering.

This is part of Missions Week at Fellowship Church. The ministry time at 7PM is free. It is possible to make dinner reservations for the 6PM dinner (which is 0) by following this link.

Joseph and Ibtissam Hadad will be ministering at Shomair next Shabbat

We must thank Fellowship Church for bringing Joseph and Ibtissam to us on this occasion. Joseph and Ibtissam Hadad lead the congregation in Nahariyah (far Northern Israel).

This congregation was birthed from Lebanese Christians who had to fell Lebanon when Israel pulled out of Southern Lebanon in May of 2000. They have a love for Israel and Jewish people as the first among the nations in the Kingdom of God. This frequently puts them in difficult places in relating to other Arab Christians and non-Christians.

Joseph is an exceptional minister. I expect God will be present as He loves to see all His children love one another.

Sunday, November 8th at Fellowship Church.

How to minister in hostile environments panel discussion: The Ott's and Hadad's will be speaking on how to minister in hostile environments at Fellowship Church in two sections; 8:30AM and 10:00AM, in the 600 quad. All are invited to attend.

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