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Tuesday, 24 March 2015
Supporting the ministry in Israel

Question: What can those in America and the nations outside of Israel do to help and support the ministry that's going on in Israel? How can they help?

I encourage Christians, both in terms of churches corporately and individuals to partner with ministries with whom they agree. It's best not to scatter and partner with lots of different ministries, and to scatter all of your support. It's best to partner with one or a few.

How do you partner with one or a few ministries? You research those ministries and you find one that really has proven fruitfulness and has an ethical track record. You know there are lots of ministries that are totally unfruitful. You can end up supporting a guy who is traveling around the nations to raise money so he can live well in Israel.

To be honest, there is a certain romanticism to Israel and Christians will throw money into a Jewish ministry that has no fruit on the ground. You can end up supporting a high standard of living for an Israeli minister. You've got to look at who's really building congregations, who is really doing humanitarian aid, and most importantly, who has a structure of accountability. Can they point to something like the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, EFCA, which we are a member of, to show that your spending and your bang for the buck is a pretty good level.

I would profess that we are a ministry like that. We're not the only ones. They are very good ministries in the Land of Israel. But it's up to you to find ones that are fruitful and are in accord with your vision and theological values.

When you find that ministry, you get on their mailing list, begin to pray for them, you get to know them, you research them. Maybe you go to Israel and visit them if that could even be possible. Then you become a warrior for that ministry and if you have financial means, you give into the projects that are important to those ministries.

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