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Monday, 2 March 2015
Replacement Theology as Blocks and Stones Part One

Question: Is it correct to divide the Word of God to develop teachings on how Replacement theology serves as blocks and stones as mentioned in Isaiah 57:13-16 or Isaiah 62:10-12, which need to be removed so that the not yet believing Jews could see Yeshua and be able to seriously consider whether or not he is their own promised son of David, the Messiah?

With this question we have to explain for all the listeners what Replacement theology is so that they understand it.

Replacement theology is the theology that says because the Jewish people, as a whole, didn't receive Jesus, although a large minority did, therefore now God only has chosen those who embrace faith in Jesus. So the Jewish people who haven't received Jesus, have no on-going election.

Contrary to what Paul said in Romans 11:28-29: though they are enemies of the gospel they are still beloved, chosen, elect for the sake of the fathers for the gifts and call to them is irrevocable - these verses are actually denied!

They're not read, they are read over. We just had one pastor at our conference this week say that he read Romans 11 in the Greek and he never even saw these verses before! When he read them he couldn't believe they were there. So there's a blindness.

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