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Sunday, 8 February 2015
Projects in the Land: New Building in Jerusalem

First project: our congregation in Jerusalem which is probably about 140 people, the great majority being Jewish, both native Israelis who we call "sabras" and Jewish immigrants and their spouses, almost 90% Jewish families - just lost its facility which we were renting with the Russian congregation. It's not a congregation that is in our network, we were sharing the facility.

We were recently given an opportunity to move to a central Jerusalem location in a building called the K'lal Building. The leader of the ministry there, called King of Kings, has invited us to help finish out space that used to be the wedding reception center hall in this building. This would become a new sanctuary that will be shared with another congregation which is a very successful Messianic Jewish congregation led by Asher's closest colleague-friend in the Jerusalem area. Now that is a really amazing development.

So we will then house three congregations in that building. Wayne meets in a different auditorium with his congregation. Plus we would have a connection to a prayer tower, a 24/7 prayer ministry on the 14th floor of the building led by a couple that are committed members of our congregation and is the leadership in one of the worship teams that works with us.

Now this is kind of amazing because in this downtown central location, we will have over 400 Messianic Jews meeting in that building during the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are going to be committed to this and I believe this is what God has in store - a cooperative relationship. But to see this happen we need to raise 60,000 dollars to finish out that space. I think that that's not a big deal but we need to do it.

I think this is going to be extraordinary. It's right across from the shuk, the main market, and very close to the ultra-Orthodox section. It's going to be a wonderful thing.

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