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41. Pinchas   (Phinehas)        July 1 - 7, 2018 (Tamuz 18 - 24, 5778)

Torah: Numbers 25:10 - 30:1(29:40) Shabbat reading:
Haftarah: (Special haftarah after 17 Tammuz) Jeremiah 1:1 - 2:3 July 7
Shlichim: (CJB): Mt 26:1-30; Mk 14:1-26; Lk 22:1-20; Jn 2:13-22, 7:1-13, 37-39, 11:55-12:1, 13:1, 18:28, 18:39, 19:14; Ac 2:1-21, 12:3-4, 20:5-6, 20:16, 27:9-11; 1 Co 5:6-8; He 11:28; (FF): Jn 2:13-25; (CY): Mk 15:1-15

1-Jul-18 Pinchas 1 Torah: Numbers 25:10 - 26:4
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 39
Slichim Yomi: Romans 8:18 - 39
2-Jul-18 Pinchas 2 Torah: Numbers 26:5 - 51
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 40
Slichim Yomi: Romans 9:1 - 21
3-Jul-18 Pinchas 3 Torah: Numbers 26:52 - 27:5
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 41
Slichim Yomi: Romans 9:22 - 33
4-Jul-18 Pinchas 4 Torah: Numbers 27:6 - 23
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 42
Slichim Yomi: Romans 10
5-Jul-18 Pinchas 5 Torah: Numbers 28:1 - 15
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 43
Slichim Yomi: Romans 11:1 - 24
6-Jul-18 Pinchas 6 Torah: Numbers 28:16 - 29:11
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 44
Slichim Yomi: Romans 11:25 - 36
7-Jul-18 Pinchas 7 Torah: Numbers 29:12 - 30:1(29:40)
Nach Yomi: Isaiah 45
Slichim Yomi: Romans 12

Note: The weekly Torah readings appearing at the top of this chart are a 1-year cycle, organized according to the standard parashiot of the Ashkenaz and Sephardic traditions. Only the special Maftir readings are listed separately. The daily Torah readings in the right hand column of this chart follow the Ashkenaz tradition only (see

The Shlichim (New Testament) readings appearing at the top of this chart and directly below the Haftarah readings relate thematically to the week's parashah. They are derived from three sources; "CJB" refers to the 'Complete Jewish Bible' by Dr. David H. Stern, "FF" refers to Flame Foundation's "Parashiot from the Torah and Haftarah" by Dr. Jeffrey E. Feinberg and "CY" refers to the "Chayyei Yeshua Three-Year Besorah Reading Cycle" by Dr. Mark Kinzer.

The Shlichim Yomi (daily New Testament) readings appearing in the right-hand column of this chart is a 1-year reading cycle designed by Dr. David Rudolph; it follows the earliest attested NT canonical order and is not thematically related to the day's or the week's traditional Torah readings. The Nach Yomi (daily Prophets and Writings) readings appearing in the right-hand column of this chart is a 2-year reading cycle developed by the Orthodox Union.

Scripture chapters and verses appearing at the top of this chart are numbered according to the Tanakh (Hebrew) system adopted by the CJB. The Standard English versification is indicated in parentheses whenever there is a difference, and differences in the Ashkenaz and Sephardic readings are indicated by (A) and (S) respectively. Also, (M) denotes CJB's recommendation for additional readings that have Messianic Jewish content. Chapters and verses of the Tanakh that appear in the right-hand column of this chart are numbered according to the Hebrew system only.

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