Five-Fold Ministry Within A Network of Messianic Jewish Congregations
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Jewish Voice Ministries International
Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

Jewish Voice Ministries International is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jew first and also to the nations throughout the world. The Good News is proclaimed through television, media, international festival outreaches, medical clinics and humanitarian aid. This is followed by planting new and strengthening existing congregations, to nuture and disciple believers. We also partner with other ministries to establish and operate Messianic Jewish Bible Institutes (MJBI) to equip leadership for Jewish ministry.

Wilbur Ministries
Paul Wilbur

Paul Wilbur is an Integrity Music recording artist and the founder of Wilbur Ministries. Paul and his team travel throughout the United States and the world sharing the love of God through Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Caleb Company
Don Finto

The Caleb Company is a prophetic fathering ministry, called to raise up an intergenerational company of Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua, challenge them to a life of wholehearted devotion to the Lord, and equip them with the Israel key that unlocks world revival in preparation for the return of the King.

Gateways Beyond

Gateways is a messianic community committed to sharing a life of daily worship and prayer, discipleship training and world outreach. Our foremost desire is to help hasten the soon return of the Lord. Gateways provides an intensive discipleship program to train, equip and launch emerging leaders into world outreach, teaching them to grow in the character of Jesus, imparting an understanding of God's heart for Israel, preparing them to lead by serving and releasing them to multiply the same in others.

International Healthcare Network
Paul Williams, M.D.

The International Healthcare Network was founded to prepare individuals, neighborhoods and churches to take responsibility for their own preparedness for emergencies and disasters; facilitate organizations to respond rapidly to major disasters with humanitarian aid, medical teams, and compassionate ministry; and to mobilize medical teams to bring hope and healing through the love of Jesus to the hurting, impoverished people around the world. Our methods seek to integrate the truths of divine healing with practical medicine to meet physical and spiritual needs of others.

Leadership Development Resources
Terry King, Executive Director

We have a special burden for leaders in emerging churches across the United States and around the world. Our special focus is key leaders who are reproducing themselves. We are actively involved in leadership training program development and evaluation in many places. Our representatives regularly minister in churches, colleges, conferences and retreats. We offer a residential internship program for emerging leaders in a mentoring role.

Gates of Zion
Jeff Berstein

Gates of Zion is a non profit organization established for the purpose of Jewish people reaching Jewish people worldwide with the truth of the Messiah and teaching the body of Christ to embrace their Jewish foundations and be part of the effort to bring Jewish people back home to their Messiah and King.

Love of God Project
David Harwood

The Love of God Project is a long-term undertaking by a team of believers joined together in a single purpose: educating the Body of Messiah about the love of God. Our desire is for every believer to come to deeply and personally know the love of the Messiah, and be enabled to effectively pass it on to the world. We believe that we have received a mandate to help...

DOVE Community Cell Church
Monte Jones

The DOVE mission is carried out through a "home cell group" strategy that meets from house to house and corporately in Celebration. It is the responsibility and duty of the "home cell groups" to cultivate: healthy relationships and marriages, spiritual growth, gift development, prayer, and worship. We are also called to multiply our efforts through church planting, supporting missionaries and by embracing ministry in the marketplace. It is congruent with our mission for us to be actively involved in the affairs of our community, from praying for our neighbors to serving on various boards and committees.

Beltway Park Baptist Church
David McQueen

We often say around here that there is really only one Church in Abilene, and really, there's only one Church in the whole world. We just get to be one little piece of the puzzle joining millions of other churches around the globe. However, we recognize that every church has its own personality, feel, history, and beliefs that make it unique in the body, and Beltway is no exception. Beltway also recognizes the unique role of the Jewish people in the fulfillment of God's end-time purposes. They have faithfully supported the extension of God's Kingdom in Israel among indigenous Messianic Jewish communities.

Messianic Minutes
Jeffrey D. Miller
Rabbi Ted Simon

Messianic Minutes is a five-minute daily radio program (with seasonal 1/2 hour specials) aimed at bringing the Gospel to the Jewish people through Bible-believing Christian listeners. The good news is that the Kingdom is available to you now! The program is hosted by Jeffrey D. Miller and Rabbi Ted Simon, two Jewish men who love Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah.

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