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On Wednesday the 31st of May 2017 the Tikkun America Leadership Conference began. Encompassing leaders, elders, and young leaders - as well as their families - these few days were filled with teaching, sharing, worship and fellowship based on the theme was Praise, Prayer and Power, taken from Ephesians 1:18-19a "... and what is the suprassing greatness of His power toward us who believe."


Enjoying fellowship Lunch during Leadership conference - Shoresh David relaxing!


The first day of the Leadership Conference was focussed on prayer. The afternoon session began with Dan Juster using temple worship as a model for how praise and thanksgiving set up for prayer and how we should be this living out. Patty Juster then spoke on prayer life as a barometer of (as leaders) an honest and transparent relationship with Messiah.

"I had the chance to share on prayer during the leadership portion of the conference.  I strongly exhorted the leaders to use their prayer language more and more, as this is the one spiritual gift that strengthens our spirit. How necessary it is to build up our inner man each day, just as it is important to exercise.  If we are not active then our muscles atrophy ... if we do not pray then our inner man becomes weak and we do not have power to withstand the pressures during the last days." - Patty Juster

The evening session began with Jaqui Weiner leading worship and Asher Intrater teaching. This was followed by a time of prayer that lasted into the night.


Dan Juster opens the 37th annual Tikkun America Leadership Conference Patty Juster inspires everyone to "unplug" to plug into God Asher Intrater exhorts the leaders at the Leadership Conference


Thursday morning was split into three different sessions: Daniah Greenberg shared about creating a culture of Praise and Prayer in the home and family, Grant Berry spoke on prayer as our bulwark as leaders against entering into temptation and a primary weapon in spiritual warfare in the congregation; and Richard Cleary then talked about prayer in the context of hearing, guiding and revealing to us as leaders God's will for certain members of the congregation, as well as the overall vision/direction of the congregation.


Daniah Greenberg encourages families to create altars of praise and prayer at home Grant Berry of Reconnecting Ministries makes a plea for unified prayer among Jews and the believers in nations Richard Cleary speaks about the Kingdom expressed through prayer and our movement's DNA

Thursday evening began with Justin Rizzo from IHOP leading worship and then Mike Bickle gave a powerful and challenging message on message on Psalm 2, warning about the upheaval in the last days with the nations coming against Israel and his Son, followed by God's response to their rebellion; going on to challenge the leaders to stand for righteousness and become that bold witness for the truth.

"After he finished his message, Asher profoundly challenged all of us to reverently ask God for our inheritance ... the nations.  We all felt the awe of this moment as it is part of our chosen destiny.  God wanted us to ask him for the nations - the very nations that are coming against Yeshua and his servants!  And, since the people from the nations who have embraced Yeshua have been grafted into the Jewish Olive Tree, they too have a share in this inheritance."
- Patty Juster


Justin Rizzo from IHOP KC leads intimate worship "Jesus is not coming back for prayer rooms, he is coming back for a prayer culture." - Mike Bickle Founders of Tikkun - Asher, Dan and Eitan - standing together and proclaiming unity.


The worship team from Kingdom Living began the last morning of the Leadership Conference with a time of prayer and worship and then Todd Westphal spoke on the subjects of understanding God's power in you (as a leader) and how to appropriate God's power in and through the congregation, and creating a culture of praise and prayer among their leadership at every age/level. Eitan Shishkoff then closed the conference with a final teaching session.


Morning worship at Tikkun America Leadership Conference Todd Westphal preaches about abiding in the deep love of God Eitan Shishkoff shares his heart and closes the Conference

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