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The Tikkun America Leadership Conference was followed by our RESTORE weekend family conference, attended by over 400 members and friends of the network. This year's theme was "Shema ... How Shall They Hear", connecting to Romans 10:14 and Paul's exhortation for proclaiming the Good News.

The conference was a clear call to recapture the passion for evangelism that birthed and defined the early Messianic movement. Speakers Sid Roth, Dan Juster, Ron Cantor, and Tod McDowell strengthened attendees in their faith and sought impartation of a greater measure of the Holy Spirit.

Powerful worship and ministry were facilitated by Nate Benjamin and Brant Boneh as well as through congregational worship teams from El Shaddai and Ahavat Yeshua.

Tikkun America Restore Conference starting Dan Juster speaks on Shabbat morning What a treat to worship together!

It was a really great time. I thought the sense of the presence of the Spirit was very special, more than usual. The theme was outreach. The presentations were all very well done indeed. The worship teams were amazingly good. El Shaddai on Friday night, Brant Boneh and his team on Saturday morning, Nate Benjamin and company Saturday night, and finally Ahavat Yeshua of Washington, D. C. The attendance held up very well. I wanted to make special mention of the high quality messages by Ron Cantor and also Todd McDowell of Caleb Company.

Everyone gathered for worship Shacharit!

The Restore 2016 Conference was outstanding in every way. The worship and teaching in each of the sessions was beyond excellent. The presence of the Holy Spirit in each session was undeniable. There were 18 people who made the trip from Knoxville to Maryland (about 500 miles). Everyone one of us had the same take-aways.

It was a great time of infilling, without question. However, the best part of the conference was either making new friends, or becoming reacquainted with those met previously. Should this surprise us? Tikkun is a relational network. We frequently trumpet the long lasting/multi-generational relationships of our founders and leaders, but it is the people (all the people) who make Tikkun a relational network.

Let's give thanks for what the Lord is doing among us, and begin to look forward to Restore 2017. It is always the first thing every year that goes on my calendar. Yes, it is the people who make Tikkun special. Look what the Lord has done and is doing.

Ron Cantor teaching on Saturday evening Shabbat Shalom from Tikkun's Restore Conference Tod McDowell seals the weekend with a passionate exhortation

We from Shomair Yisreal in Knoxville, TN had a fantastic time at the Restore Conference. The praise and worship music (Brant Boneh, Nate Benjamin, Micah & Abby Mahoney and people from El Shaddai Congregation) took us to amazing heights. What an honed to worship Yeshua! The speakers (Dr. Daniel Juster, Sid Roth, Ron Cantor and Tod McDowell) were inspiring, the location - Turf Valley Resort - was very, very nice. May each of us continue to be on fire and bring both Jews and Gentiles together into a loving knowledge of Yeshua. We need one another - that was G-d's plan from the beginning.

Next year's speakers were announced ... Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, it's going to be a blast! Hope to see you there next year.

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