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This year's topic was power evangelism. Many dynamic speakers spoke, including Ron Cantor, Sid Roth, Todd McDowell and, of course, Dan. It became so clear during the week that many have become dull in the heart concerning wanting the lost to come to faith. If we have lost our passion rooted in our own salvation, have lost our first love and joy, then it follows that we will lose our evangelistic zeal. We need to become the gospel. We were challenged to become bold once again in our witness as we were in the beginning of our walk with God. Also, many speakers spoke passionately about our need to see more signs and wonders accompanying the preaching of the gospel message.

There was a special presence of the Spirit in these sessions, more so than usual. Some also testified to being healed. Of course, this will be proven over time, but it was very encouraging. I do think people left the conference greatly encouraged.

The congregational leaders gathered
listening to Ron Cantor speak
David Liebman and Jeffrey Miller host a panel
interview and discussion about Jewish outreach.
Full house for our Tikkun America
Leadership Conference!

The theme of this year's RESTORE conference was "Sh'ma (How Then Shall They Hear?)"

At the Leadership conference, one of the speakers warned that in too many congregations, our fishing boats have become cruise liners (or perhaps yachts), but encouraged us that the fishing is good out there! Sid Roth and Ron Cantor reminded us that "Jews require signs" and that Yeshua's mandate to "lay hands on the sick and they will get well" still applies today.

Often believers worry more than unbelievers about why prayers aren't always immediately answered, instead of just laying hands on the sick and praying, leaving the whys and wherefores to the Lord. Unbelievers aren't necessarily expecting anything but appreciate knowing that someone cares. Then God shows up! Sid showed videos in which hundreds of Russian-speaking Jews bore witness of healing and made professions of faith in Yeshua. Todd McDowell shared awesome testimonies of supernatural healing that he has participated in.

2 Peter 3:9 affirms that "God is being patient toward you - not wanting anyone to perish, but for all to come to repentance."

To be sure, Jews have been so influenced by secularism, with its roots in Greek thought, that we could also say that nowadays Jews also require wisdom. Though Jews love to argue, we cannot argue anyone into the Kingdom. Yet Yeshua - who never approached two different people the same way - always had, wisdom from the Father by the Spirit. So you can also be led by the Ruach with just the right words or actions needed to love your neighbor in front of you.

Jeffrey D. Miller of Messianic Minutes and David Liebman of Jews of Jesus led a panel discussion on practical approaches to reaching Jews. Jeffrey D. pointed out that our motivation should not be guilt but compassion. It was so impactful that a couple of people asking questions were moved to tears when they got the microphone!

With hands and hearts equipped, let us break up fallow ground and sow good seed. With eyes of faith, let us behold fields that are white and ready for harvest.

John Glueck opens with the first session
of the Tikkun America Leadership Conference.
A guest speaker shares a testimony of what
God is doing among the Jewish people.
Ron Cantor of Messiah's Mandate and Tiferet
Yeshua preaches to the Tikkun leaders.
Beit Simcha opens up the second
morning of the conference with song
Dan Jacobs leads us in worship to
open the Thursday evening session
Ohev Yisrael Worship Team leads us
in celebrating the Lord together
UMJC President Kirk Gliebe addresses
Tikkun America Leaders with Dan Juster
Sid Roth speaking at the
Tikkun America Leadership Conference.
Tod McDowell of Caleb Company inspires the
leaders through the power of the Holy Spirit

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