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Sunday, 21 November 2021
Obedience and Blessing

I overheard a woman tell another woman that she did the best she could. I wanted to interject, but felt I wasn't supposed to. Many of us have had lives where we could only do the best with what we've had. Doing the best with what you had, means you didn't have a lot; this too is my story.

Proverbs 16:3 If you entrust all you do to Adonai, your plans will achieve success.

In the midst of a hard life, you become a stronger, better person, and through this, you teach your children to do the same. As I and many others heard this past weekend, God never promised to make us comfortable, but He did promise to bless those that bless Him. All we have to do is follow Him and He will pull us through the other side; I am a living testimony of that. We are not infallible, we make mistakes, but if we pray to Him, talk to Him, and build a relationship with Him, He will meet us on the other side. Follow Him and He will pull you through.

Be a Blessing and Be Blessed!

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