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Tuesday, 29 June 2021
Through the Spirit

Yeshua speaks to Nicodemeus in John 3:3-6 about being born in the Spirit; a new birth which is a work of the Spirit alone. I remember that when I received the Holy Spirit the peace of God washed over my mind, body, spirit; my whole being. This is what Yeshua is speaking about in this scripture. With the Holy Spirit dwelling in us; we live outside the standard of this world. People should be seeing His light through us, the peace of God.

When I was young, I remember always looking or seeking for the truth of how to be in a personal relationship with God; to be closer to Him. Instead, I always found myself far from Him; He was in heaven, we are on earth and there is a space between us. Even though I wanted to be closer to God, the only way I knew to do this was through religious activity. My life was built on me and my plans, thoughts, abilities and understanding of God's word. The opposite of that would be dying to all those ways and flowing with the Holy Spirit; only possible by accepting Yeshua. So, this mindset and lifestyle is not possible for those who do not know Yeshua and it is not always possible for those of us who do.

All too often we start off on the right track but eventually the differences in us cause division and judgement. We must be mindful to continually strengthen our relationship with Yeshua. It is critical in order for us to continually flow, being led by the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts.

Our identity lies in our unity with Yeshua on the cross; one step toward God is like a million of man's steps. Walking in the Spirit is not easy, it involves changing our thoughts to His and realizing that our decisions should be based on consulting God. It is a lifestyle in every sense of the word, a turning to Him for all things.

Throughout the Word we see difficult times; yet mostly through the Kings we see examples of starting off good but ending out of God's will. Solomon is a perfect example of a King who was anointed, holy, heard and followed God. This was not the case at the end of his life an ending which affected the whole kingdom. This is not a judgement but an observation that all things which begin in the Spirit must continue and end in the Spirit.

The world is in a challenging time; experiencing trials and tests which are new to us in many ways. God works how and through whom and what He chooses. This is a good time for us to learn to hear His voice, to strengthen our understanding of what He is showing us as individuals and as part of a greater Body. May the Body of Messiah grow and be strengthened by the Spirit of God which dwells in us. May we be a reflection of His light and hope and love to those around us.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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