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Wednesday, 5 May 2021
Shabbat portion this week

The Torah portion this week is a double portion (always special). B'Har means "in the mountain" (where the Lord spoke to Moses) and B'Chukotai meaning "in My ordinances" (you will walk in them). This coming Shabbat is special for other reasons too. Not only is it a double portion, but we end the reading of the book of Leviticus. Whenever we end a book of the Torah (or even the larger Bible too) it is an occasion for celebration. Plus, (yes there is another reason for celebration) the new moon inaugurating the month of Sivan begins Tuesday night (after next Shabbat). So this coming Shabbat is all set for triple blessing, double portion, end Leviticus, and new moon. How exciting.

The Torah portion begins with the description of the Sh'mitah, 7th year rest for the land. It then quickly moves to the description of the 50th year of Jubilee. These are commanded Shabbats that are not in the Leviticus 23 annual cycle. Although they are on God's calendar, they never quite got on Israel's calendar. But God is not mocked.

In the rest of the portion, we will see how God speaks of the coming exile (due to disobedience), and the purpose of it, even before the children of Israel have entered the land, but while they were still wandering in the desert.

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