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Thursday, 8 April 2021
The Most Important Questions

First, the Bible argues that we did not create ourselves. We find ourselves in a world where we are taught standards of right and wrong and know when we have violated those standards. The idea of being in danger from the judgment of the creator is a foundational biblical theme. If there is life after death, how can we assure a positive after-life destiny. It would seem that the possibility of everlasting life is so serious a matter that resolving whether or not we believe in life after death and where we will end up in that state would be the most important question that we can ask. The New Covenant Scriptures promise the most positive destiny for those who find love and forgiveness of sins through Yeshua’s sacrifice. The promise of the Bible is resurrection life in the Age to Come on a renewed earth. It is quite contrasting to the nebulous hope of Hinduism (and more popular Buddhism) and its escape from karma. It is closer to the hope in primitive religions that present a more concrete hope.

The second most important issue is how we should live this life in this world. After devotion to God and his people, the most important matter is to pursue justice motivated by love for others. This is the continued theme of the prophets. The pursuit of justice is the pursuit of the order in society of the greatest destiny fulfillment for the greatest number. However, the first justice issue, that often not recognized, is the presentation of the Gospel with power. The Gospel itself is the “power of God unto salvation,” and has the power to lift people out of their bondage and the systems of injustice. Salvation includes that wonderful after death existence but is also includes a purposeful life in this present life Hence Luke 4 and Yeshua’s announcement of the Good News as providing liberty for the captives, the great reversal. Economic issues and other social disparities in our society are important but of much lesser importance than providing the Gospel. Pursuing justice therefore is first of all to bring people to the knowledge of the truth and the unlimited power of God to lift people out of their negative circumstances.

The other matters of justice are also important; economic opportunity, educational opportunity, equal treatment under the law, religious freedom, and overcoming all racism. A follower of Yeshua pursues all of these matters but pursues the spread of Gospel above all.

This excerpt is from my article.

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