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Tuesday, 30 March 2021
Passover reading

Here are some articles we have selected which are perfect for this week of Pesach - we hope you find them beneficial!

Lessons from the Plague of Frogs, by Jonathan Allen

What was needed - in order to break the spiral of escalation and brinkmanship - was for Pharaoh to have humbled himself sufficiently to have let the people go at this point. This would have been radically new thinking, especially for an autocratic ruler who presented himself to the people as a god, but it would have solved the problem instantly.

New Year and the Glory of God, by Asher Intrater

Now that is a great meaning for the New Year. The glory of God is to fill the place of meeting. Remember that the tabernacle and temple are priestly symbols that point to a wider spiritual meaning as well.

Passover Commemorative "BBQ" Meal, by Avi Tekle

Food, besides its nutritional value, also connects us to our past. You can see it throughout the scriptures. God uses food to communicate and create a narrative for His people: Adam and Eve's garden; the biblical kosher dietary laws; Yeshua multiplying and eating fish and bread with His disciples ..

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