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Friday, 26 February 2021
Why we celebrate Purim

One of the interesting elements of the book of Esther is how the feasts are celebrated in pairs. Among other things, this is meant to demonstrate how identity is integrated into the story of Purim. It is like looking into a mirror. You see a reflection of yourself. It shows who you are. It is meant to be an indication of identity. The story of Purim is a celebration of identity.

From the beginning of the story, with every character introduction, we are introduced to elements of identity. Volumes may be written concerning identity, based solely, on how the main players are introduced. However, for our part today, we are concerned with one lesson in particular. This is a lesson of celebration and remembrance of the relief we receive over our enemies.

The celebration, itself, has nothing to do with what happened to the enemies of the Jews during Purim. That is, we don't celebrate the death of the people. Instead, it is connected directly with the celebration of the victory of freedom from the oppression of their enemies. We always celebrate life.

As the victory of freedom is celebrated "at the appointed time every year" it becomes integrated into the fabric of the identity and character of the community and the individual.

As believers in Messiah Yeshua, we also need to celebrate our freedom from our enemies. Disciples of Yeshua exist in a state of spiritual freedom. We must reinforce who we are by reminding ourselves of this.

The link below connects to a special unlisted short video presentation, which tells the story of Purim as you celebrate and remember the freedom and life we have in Yeshua. You may only access it through this link. Happy Purim!

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