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Wednesday, 24 February 2021
The Jews and the Church

In Luke 19:41-44 Yeshua predicts the judgment that is to come upon Jerusalem. Yeshua declares that judgment is coming because that generation's leaders failed to recognize their time of visitation, that is; God's visitation through Yeshua. Their failure to respond correctly to Yeshua was without excuse. God provided tangible proof through Yeshua's authoritative teaching, confirming miracles and the ultimate testimony of His resurrection from the dead. On top of this, following the resurrection, the Apostles gave witness to these accounts. Though a significant minority embraced Yeshua, the great majority of our people followed the leadership of Israel in choosing to reject Yeshua.

The Fall of Jerusalem was a terrible event. The siege, the famine and the ultimate slaughter recounted by the Jewish historian Josephus describes devastation beyond imagination. Any sympathetic person would be brought to terrible grief by reading this account. No other single event except the Holocaust was responsible for a greater slaughter of Jews. Sadly, the Church responded to the fall of Jerusalem and the ending of the national life of Israel with gloating pride and vilification. The Church Fathers interpreted the devastation to mean that the Jewish people were finally and irrevocably rejected by God. This led to the idea that the Church had replaced Israel and was the new and true Israel. This idea is called "replacement theology." This replacement included the Messianic Jewish community, which had remained true to Jewish tradition and practice. They too were rejected by the larger Church that was by that time largely composed of Gentiles. This was the first great Church split which some believe led to many future splits and compromised the Church throughout history.

Certainly the difficulties we see in Church history; the setbacks, the loss of the churches in the Islamic lands and more, can be traced in part to the Church's rejection of the Jewish people and the Messianic Jews. Great divisions came into the churches of these lands. The clear warning against arrogance given in Romans 11 was not heeded. Paul demonstrated the right attitude by grieving deeply and working tirelessly for the salvation and restoration of the Jewish people.

Today the Church is given a marvellous opportunity to repent and reverse the damage. Many are responding. This will be connected to amazing revivals and ultimately to the salvation of Israel. We are privileged to be involved in such a day of great hope for both Israel and the Church. As we see the Church turn toward Israel with prayer and support for Messianic Jewish ministries, we are seeing the beginning of a significant harvest in Israel. We also see great gains in the Church in many lands as the Body of Messiah returns back to the proper divine order.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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