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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
Empathy and Compassion

One of the amazing aspects of the teaching and modeling of Yeshua is the empathy for all who are suffering and in need. The prophetic thrust of God being with the poor, the widow and the orphan (the marginalized) is given the strongest support as Yeshua brings supernatural healing, deliverance and hope to them. However, He also can show love for the oppressors.

He heals the servant of the Roman soldier. The Roman soldiers are the oppressors. He tells his followers to turn the cheek to the Roman soldiers and to carry the load a second mile when they are conscripted for the task. This shows the love of God to the oppressor. He not only eats with prostitutes, who are very wounded, abused and deeply damaged, but eats with tax collectors, collaborationists with Rome and despised by most.

Yeshua taught the way of love and reconciliation but in a context that called for repentance and forgiveness by all. All hatred was to be renounced. In the present situation of protests, largely driven by atheists according to a recent poll, we believers have a special opportunity. Followers of Yeshua are called to stand for justice but in a context of biblical love that is not selective in empathy. That empathy is given to all who are suffering in the present, the protestors including the peaceful and violent who are deceived, those who have been ruined by the violent rioters, and finally to show love for those who oppress, for the oppressor destroys himself or herself.

We call upon all to repent and submit to the Gospel and then join in love and reconciliation. Only the Gospel has the answer, and it is the only world view where real justice can be advanced. We are not to show selective empathy but do emphasize reaching the marginalized as the first priority.

This excerpt was taken from my article.

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