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Tuesday, 31 March 2020
It's Time

Our current situation, has the potential to move us in one of two ways. It may move us away from Yeshua or it is has the potential to bring us closer to Yeshua. It is important note to note that before the Lord gave instructions for Passover, he spoke to Moses and Aaron while they were in the land of Egypt.

Exodus 12:1-2 Now ADONAI spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying, "This month will mark the beginning of months for you; it is to be the rest month of the year for you" (TLV).

This particular pre-Passover instruction was significant. Sometimes it is easy for us to skip past this verse. But, notice, the scripture says the Lord spoke ... "in the land of Egypt". Even before Israel was brought out of Egypt, which represented Israel's old identity, they were given a new beginning.

This new beginning was meant to be a marking point for Israel. It seems to me, that it would have been more appropriate for Israel, at least a first glance, to mark the beginning of months after they left the land of Egypt. New beginning; new year.

For instance, Egypt represented an old life and an old way of life. This was a life marked by trouble and slavery. It represented a time of remembering stories of earlier centuries where their savior Joseph saved the world from death. But, as part of the Lord's plan, Israel was not allowed to wait to begin the new year until after they left Egypt. The beginning of months, for them, meant a count-up to the Passover.

There was a still a 10 day waiting period and then another 4 days after that 10 days. This was all part of a plan, after the earlier plagues, to transition Israel into freedom.

As believers, we are in a transition time as well. This current situation is crucial for us. The Lord is shaking the believers awake during this time. He is waking people up to the reality of what He wants to do next in this world.

Isaiah 43:19) Here I am, doing a new thing; Now it is springing up - do you not know about it? I will surely make a way in the desert, rivers in the wasteland (TLV).

We have seen this verse a few times before. But, we must look at it again. I like the way the TLV put its it, "Here I am ..." The Lord is asking us do we not know about it? As we have mentioned recently, He is gearing up, gathering His people to prepare for the coming awakening and revival. What is now a "wasteland" will be full of rivers. What is now an empty desert will be a way made for us to go.

In recent months at Rosh Pina, we have discussed discipleship and suffering. We have discussed the obligations of grace and our calling as disciples of Yeshua to suffer. We have talked about the need to be prepared for this suffering and have been challenged to make the choice to follow Yeshua knowing this suffering is our call. Please understand, this current time is not that kind of suffering we were talking about. But, it is coming.

For now, we have been called to know a new year is being marked. This is a new time for us to go forth and transition into where the Lord will take us next. Where we go next will help us to prepare for the time when we will be called to suffer as His disciples.

Our current challenge is to mark this new year as a new season both literally and symbolically by unifying as believers and demonstrating the power of the Good news, which is the "power of God for salvation"; and, which "reveals the righteousness of God". We have spoken of practical ways to do this already. We are calling for those who read this to connect with believers in Israel.

To help see a vision of revival and awakening being ushered in, we are looking for Messianic Jewish congregations and churches here and in Israel to connect and pray together. This is something Asher mentioned years ago.

Let us look to this time as a new beginning. A new year of vision and making that vision a reality. This pandemic has separated us physically. It may remind us how interconnected this world is in the physical realm. May we use this as a time to connect spiritually. Let us work together as disciples in unity to see that power of God work in our communities and our regions. And, let us connect those communities and regions through the power and connection of God through prayer.

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