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Monday, 24 February 2020
Consensus and contention

Carl Kinbar puts his finger on something that very often we don't like to talk about or acknowledge:

Among Messianic Jewish leaders, there is a consensus that the Scriptures are the central and primary (or even only) Messianic Jewish sacred texts. While it is also evident to most of these leaders that te Scriptures do not function alone but in concert with tradition, the precise nature and outworking of this relationship is a matter of contention. (Chapter 5, page 74)

Are you aware of the tensions in your congregation - or amonst the wider Messianic Jewish community - of the tension that often comes with disagreements over how much tradition is incorporated into and shapes our religious practices?

What you do think could be done to bring unity to the contentions arising from differing opinions? How can we embrace the diversity within the Messianic Jewish movement?

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