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Friday, 14 February 2020

Some really special and important events are happening this Shabbat, so please do join us in praying for all those attending - and if you are in the area, why not go along and join in?

Beth Shalom (Corona, CA) have special guest Paul Wilbur with them for the Shabbat morning service, so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to get a seat! For Ohev Yisrael (Springfield, VA) it's Immersion Day, with baptisms taking place during the service, and Elim (Jacksonville, FL) have training for the new leadership team from 10am until 1pm.

In the afternoon Shomair Yisrael (Knoxville, TN) have a Young Adults Gatherin, which begins at 2pm, and Or Chaim (Golden, CO) have their Havdilah evening at Michelle and Jim Bartlett's home. If you've never attended a Havdilah (closing of the Shabbat) you must come and experience this wonderful time of fellowship and worship together!

The Tikkun Emerging Gathering is taking place this weekend (Saturday afternoon to Monday lunchtime), hosted by Tikvat Israel (Richmond, VA). This annual conference is the Tikkun America network's relationship building and empowerment gathering for emerging leaders and and their spouses, so is an important time for them to be able to share and learn together.

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