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Sunday, 2 February 2020
Jewish tradition

In his article Jewish tradition in the Messianic world, Carl Kinbar says:

All forms of Messianic Judaism have at least these three characteristics in common: they embrace the unique status of the person, word and work of Yeshua the messiah; they view thw Scriptures as normative; and they observe some level of traditional Jewish practice. However, while the status of Yeshua and the Scriptures is normative, there are differing views on the value of Jewish tradition and its place in Messianic Jewish life. (Chapter 5, page 72)

Would you agree that you have seen these three characteristics everywhere you go in the Messianic Jewish world? Would you add any more?

Do you think there should be a more standardised view of Jewish tradition in order for Messianic Judaism to continue? Or do you think the differing views are one of its strengths?

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