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Thursday, 1 August 2019
Sacred Communities

In their conclusion, David Rudolph and Elliot Klayman have this to say:

Synagogues are above all sacred communities of Jewish people who gather for worship and prayers, fellowship, study, simchas (celebrations), outreach, and other Jewish community activites. Messianic synagogues have a special calling to be a place where Jews who follow the Jewish Messiah can remain Jews and become better Jews in keeping with the eternal purposes of the God of Israel. This includes conveying Jewish identity to their children and being a visible testimony of Yeshua from within the Jewish community. (Chapter two, page 49)

This sets out a beautiful picture of what our communities could look out! Does your community look like this? Do you think it should - or do you think this vision is not quite accurate?

Being a "visible testimony of Yeshua from within the Jewish community" is an inspiring challenge. What do we do to live up to this? How could we improve our visible testimony?

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