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Sunday, 2 June 2019

Breakthrough: this has been the theme for the Tikkun America family conference, which ends today. What does the word bring to your mind? Something scary? Something inspiring? Something you would like but don't think is acheivable?

Michael Weiner tells us that in the first session among senior leaders this last week, the question was asked, "Has God ever brought a breakthrough in your life through tragedy?" He's asking us to think about it and reflect on the answer. Take some time to pray about what comes into your mind and what the L-rd might be saying.

Breakthrough is often associated with the moving of the Spirit of the L-rd, breaking through into our "every day" world. Maybe we are a little unsure of whether we really want this. Or maybe we have been striving for this for long time and struggle to see the reality of answered prayers.

Breakthrough can be a big, momentous thing, or it can be a small shift that is only recognisable with hindsight. Do you need to take a moment look back and see how the L-rd has been moving in your life, your family, your community and your city? Then take some time to pray about what areas you would personally like to see breakthrough - and, most importantly, where you feel the L-rd is saying needs breakthrough.

In the months ahead, may we continue to walk closely with the L-rd, to pray for breakthrough and be ready for what He is going to do!

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