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Thursday, 8 November 2018
God's choices and our choices

What do all of these 5 Biblical pairs have in common? Cain and Abel; Ishmael and Isaac; Esau and Jacob; Saul and David; Barabbas and Yeshua.

Let's analyze. (There is a clue in the way each pair is ordered.) Each of those mentioned first was the older of the pair. (With the possible exception of Barabbas, although he was chosen first.). Now let's break down the dynamics of each pair to see God's pattern. The first 3 pairs were brothers with the first born listed first.

Cain made an offering to the Lord that was not favored, while Abel's offering was accepted. This caused Cain to become jealous and sin in killing his brother.

Ishmael was the child of works while Isaac was the child of promise. Although Abraham loved Ishmael and prayed for Ishmael (and Ishmael was ultimately blessed) the promises of God remained on Isaac, the son of promise. The older son should have received the blessing according to custom.

Esau was the first born of the twins, but the promised blessing of the first born went through Jacob (and othrough him to his 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of Israel). Jacob’s name was ultimately changed to Israel. Again, the promised blessing goes through the younger (contrary to the custom of that day).

Saul was the strongest warrior among the Israelites. He was the obvious choice for the first anointed king of Israel. David was small, the 8th son of Jesse (notwithstanding some debate). His name, David, means "beloved". Not the kind of name you want in a warrior king who should be the mightiest among the mighty. The lineage of Yeshua goes through beloved and younger David and David's throne.

Finally, we come to Barabbas and Yeshua. Here the people choose by voice vote. They chose Barabbas, and they chose poorly. (Although ultimately the purposes of God were fulfilled by the poor choice of the people.) The people chose with their eyes and missed the anointing of God that rested on God's Son.

Okay, we're out of examples, so it's time to bring this to a close and make my point. Here it is, and keep it in mind as it applies in our own lives. Satan brings forth his best BEFORE God brings forth His best. This is as true today as it was in Biblical times.

Our life with God is the application of God's truth. As we pray over choices in life, we should ask the Lord to shine His divine light of favor on His choice. May our own choices always line up with God’s destiny and blessing.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 11:00am Comment Comments: