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Monday, 30 July 2018
Our purpose

One of God's commands is to give to those in need around us. To reach your hand out and feed the needy especially when you have the resources to do so. Sometimes we may not recognize who is needy but God recognizes all our needs.

God's servant Elijah, who stood defiant before King Ahab; fled after the great miracle of fire falling from heaven and rain after three years of drought. Even as a righteous man before God he ran for his life into the desert wilderness because of Jezebel's threats.

In 1 Kings 19:4-5 we see a tired, discouraged servant of God who had enough and wanted to die. He laid down to sleep and the angel of God touched him and told him, rise up and eat. This food was provided by the hand of God and lasted forty days. When I look at this situation I see that God is willing to provide and that He does provide for the needy wherever they are. Sometimes supernaturally and other times through those who are listening and willing to obey. An example of this can be seen in Romans 15:26 where we learn that funds were collected from the first centruy congregations to feed the needy in Jerusalem.

We at Harvest of Asher have a heart for the needy and through the Acco welfare department have had the opportunity to give support in many areas of the city. Some of them are the Center for the blind, the soup kitchen, elderly centers and other organizations and individuals.

However as the threat of war along our borders becomes more evident each day, I believe we are drawing closer in time to the final war. The Lord has motivated our hearts to build a warehouse here in the North so we can be to the people in the Western Galilee as the angel was with Elijah. Reaching our hands out to those in need around us and saying come and eat. A place where we can store provisions including not only food but cloths, water, blankets, mattresses and even tents and more. It's not enough for us to know what's coming, we must position our hearts to be motivated by the Holy Spirit to prepare to be a blessing.

This is taken from the Harvest of Asher Facebook page.

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