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Monday, 23 April 2018
Learn about #Restore2018

This year's conference has an excellent lineup of speakers, worship leaders, and activities. As part of our dynamic new format, several of the sessions will feature two speakers who will each give brief, impacting messages similar to those produced by TED Talks. We are now able to feature both the emerging leaders in our network as well as our founders and seasoned veterans.


The theme of this year's conference is Out of Zion: Standing for Truth in Our Culture. "Contend for the faith that was once for all handed down to the kedoshim." (Jude 1:3 TLV)

We will recognize the courage and perseverance leading to the founding and development of the modern State of Israel 70 years ago. You won't want to miss the outdoor 70th Anniversary of Israel celebration with food, music, dancing, and other activities on Shabbat afternoon! Speakers will connect us to the contemporary issues of social justice and morality that we face as Messianic believers, providing exhortation and inspiration to engage them head on with Yeshua's love and truth.

The annual Tikkun America Family Conference is called RESTORE. This name captures the essence of what Tikkun means as well what we purpose together to accomplish - joining in unity to fellowship, worship, equip and encourage one another, the Tikkun community embodies Spirit-led, fivefold ministry in action.

We hope you can join us at RESTORE, June 1-3, 2018 in Ellicott City, Maryland.

RESTORE will include speakers

  • Mike Brown - Founder, Fire School of Ministry and Line of Fire radio program;
  • Asher Intrater - Tikkun Intl. and Revive Israel
  • Daniel Juster - Tikkun America and Restoration from Zion
  • Benjamin Juster - Tikkun Intl. and Tikkun America
  • Richard Cleary - Kingdom Living, KC
  • Tom Blake - Kingdom Living, KC and Remember Jerusalem

and dynamic Messianic worship from well-known worship leaders and congregational worship teams.

The conference will offer children's programs, as well as special youth, 20's, and single's gatherings.

Have you booked your place yet? If not, click here today. We look forward to seeing you there!

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