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Friday, 1 September 2017
Heaven, Hell and the After Life

What is your final destiny? This is one of the most important questions to ask. There are many different answers and beliefs that can cause confusion with what the Bible teaches. What do you do when someone asks if there really is a heaven, hell or afterlife?

There are numerous books where authors were given visions of the age to come, heaven, hell, and others who even claimed to actually visit. It is not wise to build doctrine on these visions. Some confirm biblical teaching and some do not. They are not consistent with one another.

My book is not just based on what the Bible really says, but quotes Scripture extensively as our only foundation for this matter. In part one we look at "The Hebrew Scriptures and the Afterlife" and in part two we look at "The New Covenant and the Afterlife", drawing together conclusions in the final chapter.

Through Abraham we read that "all peoples on earth will be blessed" (12:3). Does this blessing include the restoration of everlasting life? We are not explicitly told, but Genesis may be implying that hope. Most scholars today see Genesis 1-3 as eschatological and think that the Creation accounts and Garden of Eden foreshadow the eschatological or last days' fulfillment of the age to come. If so, that means that the tree of life opportunity can be offered to human beings again.

The afterlife has always been an important topic, but I believe having the right doctrine on this matter is key to our witness and gospel presentation. I'd encourage you to get a copy today - you can order it through Amazon or the Tikkun bookstall, and electronic copies are available as well as books.

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