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Sunday, 14 May 2017
Evangelism and Envisioning Revival

Psalm 84:10-11 "O God, look at our shield, and look upon the face of Your anointed. For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else. I would rather stand at the threshold of the House of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness." (TLV)

Here is a word picture for us out of the Scriptures of Psalm 84. Verse 10 has 2 parts (like most verses of Scripture). In both parts we are calling on God to look; first at our shield and secondly at His Messiah. They are one in the same; our shield IS His Messiah.

Then in verse 11, the word-picture continues as we are still addressing God. For it is a good-day in Your court (enclosed yard), than 1,000 chosen by me (or brought forth, even as an offering). To stand guard at the doorway of Your house oh God, than dwell in the tents of the wicked.

The point of these two verses is we would be better off spending a day with God (or only at the door of God's house), than to be established well inside the tents of the wicked.

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Passover. With all the victory of God through the 10 plagues and struggles with Moses and Aaron (including the golden calf), still Joshua, after entering the land has to ask the people ...

Joshua 24:15 "If it seems bad to you to worship Adonai, then choose for yourselves today whom you will serve - whether the gods that your fathers worshipped that were beyond the River or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will worship Adonai!" (TLV)

This is a choice we must make today and every day. Choose Adonai today and every day.

Posted By Rabbi Michael Weiner, 10:20am Comment Comments: 0