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Sunday, 19 March 2017
Ohev Prison Ministry

We wanted to share with you a testimony from one of our congregants at Ohev Yisrael ...

Ohev Messianic Jewish Congregation has been actively involved in outreach to two groups in a local prison: the Women's Dorm and the Men's Dorm. Our very own Congregational Leader, Rabbi Michael Rudolph and his wife, Marie, participate in ministering at the Facility along with others of us. It was February of 2010 that Rabbi Michael saw the vision and was led to encourage others of us at Ohev to join the ministry Team and be involved in Prison Ministry. In speaking with others on the Team, and from my own personal experience, I can say that it has truly been, and continues to be, a wonderfully blessed and rewarding venture.

We find the men and women to be very receptive and eager to be ministered to and having a thirst for a deeper understanding of the Scriptures. We do find that there are many who seem to be very knowledgeable of the Scriptures. There are approximately 20 to 25 ladies and approximately 32 men.

Ministering to the Women

We go in with excitement and an expectation of having a joyful time of fellowship as we allow the Ruach HaKodesh to lead and guide us in ministering to the ladies. Sometimes as I walk into the room or as we are preparing to depart, I feel a song in my heart and will begin singing and the ladies will join in. Ministering to the ladies is easy - we endeavor to show them Yeshua by explaining the Scriptures to them, by interacting with them, by drawing them into discussions and asking questions and helping them to understand. It is our desire that they will allow the Scriptures to work in their lives, to change them and cause them to be empowered to be overcomers and truly women in a new direction. We recently concluded an indepth teaching of Psalm 91 and are currently providing teachings from Jonathan Cahn's book, "The Book of Mysteries". We very much enjoy ministering to the ladies and ministering together.

Ministering to the Men

The men show their excitement and appreciation for Volunteers coming out to minister to them by standing and clapping as we walk into the room. We find some of the men to be very knowledgeable of Scripture, and some appear to have a desire to understand more deeply the Word of G-d. Rabbi Michael usually puts on his "Ask the Rabbi" hat and offers for the men to ask away. Some of the questions posed by them are thought provoking. Perhaps you have attended an Ohev Beit Midrash where Rabbi Michael has put on his "Ask the Rabbi" hat - well, this is what it is like. The other men provide very inspiring teachings on the subjects of faith, forgiveness, the feast days, among others, which blesses the men immensely.

Ohev Volunteers continue to exhibit zeal, commitment and dedication in rising to the call Abba Father has put on their hearts to minister His Word to others. I take this opportunity to encourage any who might have given some thought to Prison Ministry or who may have questions about it to please reach out to one of us volunteers. We would love to have others join the Team!

Serving on the Prisin Ministry Team provides an incredible opportunity for spiritual growth, to be bumped out of our comfort zone, for us to learn how to live out the Scriptures, to show love to our neighbors, to have compassion and understanding for others and to be a blessing to the men and women of the Facility as they bless us.

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