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Sunday, 24 January 2016
Beit Simcha Building Update

You can support our building project, both in your prayers and your offerings. I believe our new building will both strengthen our community as well as our connections with the other communities in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

Constructing our own Synagogue will enable us to create a space where other Jews (and Gentiles) can join us comfortably, from Erev Shabbat through Sunday morning, Constructing the Community House will enable us to be more intentional about our vision for a community, welcoming others to experience Erev Shabbat dinners, havurah, prayer and Bible study meetings, and Shacharit (morning) prayer services, all to be held in a common room attached to the Community House and open to the public.

I have good news: slowly but surely, we're wending our way to our goal. Wood Corporate's attorney finally gave us a letter permitting work on their side of Grange Rd and pledged to donate ,000. Earlier this month I met with our architect & engineer to firm up our Mechanical/Engineering/Plumbing design, so that we can start soliciting bids from Construction Managers. Pray that we get a really good bid from the right Construction Manager - the one God has for us!

Also pray that the finances will come in as needed. As I said at the Share the Power meeting, "I can with confidence say that God always pays his bills on time. However, He doesn’t pay them early! (So why should I complain; I don't pay my bills early either!)"

Keep praying for more breakthroughs - Yeshua is the Master of Breakthroughs! God willing and providing, we'll break ground in the spring ...

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