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Monday, 9 March 2015
Jewish Messianic Contribution to the Church Part Two

I am in the middle of answering this this question ...

Question: Can you please summarize the most important contributions the Jewish Messianic community has made toward the direction and shape of today's church?

So Messianic Jews have produced maybe the most accurate understanding of law and grace, and the Holy Spirit and how they work together. I think Calvin was pretty close in his understanding of this; Wesley was pretty close, but much of the Church has departed from the understanding of a high moral tone to an understanding of grace that simply produces morally and ethically weak Christians.

Also I would say add the contribution that God is the God of history - that where history is going is the redemption of this world, not the escape from this world so that we're going to be sitting on clouds playing harps. But Jesus is coming back to redeem this world, to redeem Jerusalem and to rule and reign. The promises of scripture are much more literal than much of the historic church has fathomed. We're seeing more and more people growing into that reception of a more Jewish understanding of the gospel.

The last thing I would say about this question is that it has changed the identity of the Church so the churches who are with us on this understand themselves as the Commonwealth of Israel, that they are connected to Israel and their destiny is with Israel. So that there is an Israelite-ish, or Jewish kind of thing in their very being - not in the sense of destroying the rich varieties of culture, but in the sense of a corporate linkage through Yeshua and the Messianic Jews of Israel.

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