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Monday, 14 April 2014
April Newsletter

Our personal April newsletter is now on-line. We talk about getting older and the challenge of raising up new leaders as the pioneer generation starts to fade.

Throughout life we reach seasons of transition where questions of one's fruitfulness, or usefulness, begin to plague the soul. During these seasons it is good to go back and remember those promises spoken over our lives by God directly or through others. What are the passions or activities we engage in where we feel the pleasure of God?

We want to fulfill the great commission to disciple and to bring transformation into young people's lives through teaching them to obey all of Yeshua's commandments and to move in the power of the Holy Spirit. We want the roots of their faith and character to go deep so that they will not falter during the days of persecution and difficulty. Now is the time, and we hope it is not too late, to raise up the leaders who will take this end-time move of God even further then we have!

You can read the whole newsletter here.

Posted By Patty Juster, 10:00am Comment Comments: 1

Monday, 14 April 2014
Comment -

Dear Dan and Patty,

I enjoyed reading your newsletter, and for the honesty in which you open your lives. I'm a Gentile believer in Sydney Australia, and am being blessed as I get to know you more through your blogs and letters and books... may the LORD continue to bless you and minister His love through you (and through your yummy Mexican and other food, Patty!). Love in Yeshua's Name, from Bronnie

Posted By Bronnie Holwerda 07:23am